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Most of the UK team travelled to India in February 2017, following a previous visit in November 2015. This time the main aim was to carry out decoration and maintenance on some of our premises. Director Victor Parisipogula and older children helping with the preparation and painting It is necessary for us to see first hand the progress being made with your support, but also to assess the future requirements in India, and to ensure that our funded projects are achieving their aims. It is also necessary to assess first hand the requirements for the UK organisation, to ensure that future projects undertaken are the best possible in providing care and opportunity for those we support, but also for the future of the organisation in India and the UK. But it wasn’t all work! During the visit we were lucky to be able to go with our Rainbow House children on their annual day trip to the seaside. The day started with lunch in the park, not sandwiches as we might do, but various curries, rice and dessert brought by the house mothers .. delicious! After lunch, with the afternoon in front of them it was back into the vehicles and off to the beach of the Bay of Bengal. Girls headed off in one direction and boys in another, what a day out as you can see from the photos, and another annual trip over, but they are already looking forward to the next one!
UK Registered Charity 1110823
An example of what was achieved at Prem Nivas It is also of benefit to take other interested individuals who may wish to help, practically or financially, or to join the UK team. On this visit there were three people with us who have never been to Brighter Future, it was a wonderful lifechanging experience. Another feature of the visit was Bobbili Leprosy colony where there are 53 houses, home to 115 people, which includes 21 children. There are 17 very elderly and disabled residents and they asked if we could fund one set of clothing for each of them, £70 in total, which is nothing to us in the western world, but means such a lot to those in need in India, especially the forgotten people of the leprosy colonies. That is a perfect example of the value your support can provide.