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The Ian Thompson Memorial Fund
We chose to fund Brighter Future for the fantastic work they do to help disadvantaged children in one of the poorest States in India, and we are very pleased to have been able to fund Thompson House. Paddy Thompson The Ian Thompson Memorial Fund
We, at the Canning Trust, were all impressed with Paul and Louise Timmins' dedication in Brighter Future to help orphaned children in Vizianagaram, India. Their request for funds to purchase educational toys, school uniforms, transport and sports equipment secured a donation of £2,949 from the Canning Trust last October. In their efforts to 'help people to help themselves' they echoed our own CT remit. In addition, we were particularly impressed by their readiness to supply timely extra information in support of their request. Richard Griffiths The Canning Trust
The Hobart Trust is a keen supporter of Brighter Futures because it achieves such a lot supporting some of the least fortunate and ill people in India, with so little funding. The enthusiasm and compassionate attitude of the staff is excellent. The children and families helped as a result are happy and well-balanced. We recommend Brighter Futures as a worthy and rewarding charity to support. Mr M Smalley The Hobart Trust
Over the last six years I have spent working with NGOs’ India I have met hundreds of men and women working in this field. Of all of these people I have great pride in knowing Victor Parisipogula who runs Brighter Futures, and rate him as one of the first among them all. It is not only his dedication to the work, or his tireless commitment to improving the lives of both people from a leprosy background and their children, and those with HIV, but that he inspires so much hope in those who work with him. All the work he commits to is thorough, transparent and delivered to the highest standards that projects he runs can afford, and all this, together with his wonderful wife Mary, is conducted with great compassion that never seems to wane. It is a rare pleasure to be able to write of a person with a total lack of reservation. Victor is simply one of the most inspiring men I have met. Stuart Botting Head of India, Controller The Right Now Foundation
UK Registered Charity 1110823