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The St. James's Place Foundation has been privileged to support the fine work that Brighter Future does in India among some of the most disadvantaged children in the world. This complements perfectly the main focus of the Foundation, which is on helping children and young people who have special needs through illness or disability or who are disadvantaged in other ways. John Porter Senior Partner, St. James's Place
The Dewan Foundation has worked with Brighter Future for a number of years. Recently we have provided funds for a children’s home in Vizianagaram. We value our relationship with Brighter Future’s knowledgeable and dedicated team very highly. The Dewan Foundation is proud to continue its partnership with Brighter Future and is engaged in its wide-ranging projects in India. We are always very impressed with the commendable dedication of Brighter Future staff and also the positive impact of their projects. The expertise of staff in medical care and community development is excellent. We feel privileged to be associated with the transformation of individuals and communities as a result of Brighter Future’s work in India. Ramesh Dewan Trustee, The Dewan Foundation
I have worked with Victor Parispogula, Director of Brighter Future, for the last six years through The Leprosy Mission. I regard Victor as one of the world’s heroes. A man from humble beginnings, his passion, drive, enthusiasm and care for the most marginalised has motivated him to become a catalyst for community transformation. Victor runs one of the most impressive small grassroots NGOs in India. People affected by leprosy, street children, child with HIV, and other marginalised people now have hope in their lives because of the endeavours of this man. That said, Victor’s, humility would prevent him from wanting to take credit for this. However, when I visited his programmes a few months ago I could not help but admire this man. He is a hands-on manager and knows not only every detail of Brighter Future’s projects but is know by every individual involved in them. As a leader, he has the respect of both the staff and community with whom he works, engaging efficiently and effectively to ensure the best possible outcome for those most in need. During my visit to Brighter Future in May, I undertook a partner assessment. I was impressed with the cost effectiveness of programme implementation and the impact I saw on people’s lives, particularly the quality of care in the children’s homes. The Leprosy Mission is proud to continue its partnership with Brighter Future. Sian Arulanantham Head of Programmes Coordination, The Leprosy Mission England and Wales
UK Registered Charity 1110823