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Brighter Future International Trust works with children and adults affected by leprosy, HIV, disability, and extreme poverty in India.
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UK Registered Charity 1110823
Your donations, child sponsorship, widow food parcel sponsoring and fundraising, allow us to continue to invest in these children and adults, giving them the education and skills that they need to become self supporting, which is our aim for them, and their aims for themselves.
You give these young people hope, and a future, and A NEW LIFE THIS IS WHY YOU SPONSOR
New Rainbow House extension. (click)
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Better site roads for Shanti Nivas
It was the dream of BFDT to develop the Shanti Nivas (meaning ‘Home of Peace’) site into a children’s village, and following the completion of the 10 new style ‘family home’ houses for all the children there, proper roads were a logical next step. That dream was fulfilled in late November/early December, when phase 1 was completed, you can see the pictures, right. Getting around the site is now much easier and safer, and the children can now ride their bikes and scooters much more easily. Thank you to Naresh and Ramesh Dewan, and the Dewan Foundation for funding this work which will make a huge difference to life on the campus.
What a difference you can make This was Ramadevi when she came to us … Just look at her now
Now it is 2019 and time to think of school, college and university again This year we will have 35 of our youths at college, and 6 at university, boys and girls, we are immensely proud of that. One of the things that struck me on a recent visit there was the subject choices that they make. In India courses are referred to as BPC (Biology, Physics and Chemistry) MPC (Maths, Physics and Chemistry, and CEC (Commerce, Economics and Civil). Of the people that I interviewed only 3 were taking CEC, all the rest were taking the other more scientific and technical courses. Just remember how these children have been saved medically, and from a character perspective, and now they are qualifying (some have already) with qualifications that will give them a full opportunity in life, a Brighter Future indeed! It is thanks to our individual and corporate sponsorships that we are able to provide these opportunities to our children/youths. You don’t need to sponsor a child to provide for their college or university education, college education is as little as £250 for a term. These children want to learn, a donation of any size can help them through college or university.
College Students Christmas Celebration
Click to see the report of their annual Christmas get together.
Shanti Nivas
Rainbow Home
Don’t put it off, Do it Now!
More celebrations, click to see the report Here the children are singing ‘Silent Night’
It’s a very special time for the children The Christmas celbrations are a really special time for the children, one of the highlights of the year, lots of food, and a chance to showcase the dancing skills they have been practicing. This celebration goes on all day from dawn to dusk and all of our children are bussed to our Shanti Nivas site for the event. Down below you can see some of the girls from the Rainbow Home, maybe you sponsor one of them?
Just as is the case here, not everyone makes it to college or university, some of our children came to us as older children, never having been to school. For those children in that category we offer vocational training, and at the end of that, a loan to start them in business (repayment of our loans is 98%) Girls will be offered a 6 month seamstress training course which we provide in house, and boys are trained in electrical repairs (motor rewinding, etc), plumbing and building skills, also provided in house.
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