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Brighter Future International Trust works with children and adults affected by leprosy, HIV, disability, and extreme poverty in India.
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UK Registered Charity 1110823
Your donations, child sponsorship, widow food parcel sponsoring and fundraising, allow us to continue to invest in these children and adults, giving them the education and skills that they need to become self supporting, which is our aim for them, and their aims for themselves.
What a difference you can make
This was Ramadevi when she came to us …
You give these young people hope, and a future, and A NEW LIFE THIS IS WHY YOU SPONSOR
We are trying to fund bicycles for some of the older children to use to go to school, this will give them a small amount of freedom, and also responsibility. If you would like to find out more about how you can help, CLICK HERE
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See News Article from the Director and his wife’s visit to the UK in September 2017    (click paper)
Shanti Nivas gets Solid Roads
Birthday Visitors at Shanti
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The children enjoy regular visits from students at the local university in Visakhapatnam and on this occasion they brought a huge birthday cake, and sweets to celebrate the birthday of one of the girls at the home. All the children got a slice of cake, chocolate bar, biscuit and sweets, you can imagine how well that went down, I enjoyed some cake too! Visits like this help with integration and acceptance of children with HIV, and we applaud these students for their generosity and willingness to integrate with our children, a program that benefits everyone.
2018 Visit to India A group of 14 supporters and trusteees visited the projects at the end of November 2018, it was a very successful visit, showing everyone the superb work that Brighter Future carries out there. There will be lots of items coming up on the website relating to the visit, so keep looking for new articles very soon.
It was the dream of BFDT to develop the Shanti Nivas (meaning ‘Home of Peace’) site into a children’s village, and following the completion of the 10 new style ‘family home’ houses for all the children there, proper roads were a logical next step. That dream was fulfilled in late November/early December, when phase 1 was completed, you can see the pictures below. Getting around the site is now much easier and safer, and the children can now ride their bikes and scooters much more easily. Thank you to Naresh and Ramesh Dewan, and the Dewan Foundation for funding this work which will make a huge difference to life on the campus.
Mrs. Elizabeth Pettersen and Jack Slater cutting the cake, surrounded by students from the university, while the children patiently wait for their plate of goodies.
Just look at her now
It’s Christmas… …and as the children look forward to their Christmas party at Shanti Nivas where all our children will be together for a full day of celebrations, they have a message to all their sponsors and friends ….
…and Victor and Mary also have a message for everyone who supports Brighter Future
Make their Christmas’ even better, make a donation this Christmas, or commit to sponsoring a child, and you can follow and support that child all through their young life. BE A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE