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Housing Many elderly people who are disabled by leprosy live in terrible conditions. Their dilapidated mud huts or shacks are on the verge of collapse and do not have electricity or basic sanitation. These ‘homes’ are not disability friendly and access is difficult. Existing houses do not have washing facilities or toilets, which greatly increases the risk of sickness. It’s also undignified for women to go to the toilet in the open air, and dangerous for the elderly disabled to walk outside the colonies at night time. It is hard for women with leprosy and disability to walk long distances to collect water. Because they have no feeling in their feet, they are susceptible to cuts and subsequent ulceration. Brighter Future works with the local government who grants permission to build new homes and also makes a financial contribution to costs. We build small low-cost homes which provide easily accessible, safe accommodation with water and sanitation. A new home with running water not only provides security, but it also reduces the risk of disease and helps to break down the barriers of stigma, increasing dignity and self-worth amongst elderly people affected by leprosy, disability and poverty.
With a £500 grant from local government, we just need to find £2000 to build a complete new house and transform a family’s life.
UK Registered Charity 1110823