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Devi Potta is 40 years old, she comes from a small village named Nadupuru in Vizianagaram District. She used to work in a tea stall and serve tea and Tiffin to the people in the village. Tiffin is an Indian English word for a light midday meal. Suddenly she was becoming ill and sick continuously and she went to doctor to be checked, the result was she was found to have been infected with HIV and tested positive. She is hearing impaired and due to that discrimination she was unmarried.
One of our Brighter Future’s outreach workers found her during a survey and enquired about her background, and when they discovered all about her, they brought her to the Hospice for better care and medication.
Presently she is undergoing treatment in Pickford Hospice, Gotlam. Now she is getting well very slowly. she has fever like infection, cold and cough. She is under monitoring, and Brighter Future is providing nutritious food and medication to her.
Nurse checking Devi’s Blood Pressure
How is Brighter Future helping her? Brighter Future admitted her to our Pickford Hospice for better accommodation, nutritional food and regular medication. The nurse monitors her on an hourly basis and gives her the necessary medication and food. She is currently unable to walk, so helpers and attendants help her by taking out in the evening on the premises in a wheel chair. The health assistant gives her hot baths and changed her clothes daily. She has regular checkups by the Brighter Future doctor. We took her into our care due to her drastic health condition, and our nurse is taking goodcare of her. We hope she will get well soon.
Humanity demands that we support these people, who live in circumstances that we cannot imagine, and without recourse to support services the West enjoys as ‘the norm’. These are lovely, friendly, happy people who just want a chance in life, like you do, that their country can’t yet provide for them, and although India is making great strides, there is a long way to go before it reaches the areas in which these people live. HELP US TO HELP THEM, KNOW THAT 99 PENCE IN EVERY £1 DONATED GOES TO BRIGHTER FUTURE IN INDIA