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RAINBOW HOUSE IS GETTING NEW FACILITIES A new Dining hall and Kitchen, and a first floor library/study room/ hall
This was Rainbow house earlier this year, before building work on the new dining block started in February. Rainbow House main building is on the left, and the area on the right consisted of a small kitchen at the far end, and the currugated metal topped area on the right was the old dining area.
Childen sat crosslegged, in rows, on the concrete floor to eat their meals, it was functional but not very practical.
In February 2017 the traditional ground breaking ceremony was held to recognise the start of the building work on the new block
Prayers were said, and the building work was blessed by Director Victor Parisipogula and Rowland Smith, then the ground breaking was carried out by Victor helped by a few of the children.
…. and then the work began, the old covering was removed from the roof and the rest was demolished, and now you can see the new structure taking shape, the frame for the first floor is taking shape and the staircase is also partly completed…
…. all that roof space takes a lot of cement, all mixed on site and carried up on the heads of both male and female labourers, and supported by lots of food and cups of tea ….
…. slowly but surely the two storey block is taking shape, the structure is now complete and now they must wait 3 weeks for the recently laid roof concrete to set before work can continue ….. 
The new block is of two storeys, the ground floor will have a much larger kitchen with the remainder being a larger dining hall for 70 children, this will replace the existing facility. The first floor will be Library and study hall cum meeting hall. It will also be equipped with a projector with screen for multipurpose use, for example, children preparing presentations for school, viewing documentaries or inspirational films for children, also any Brighter Future presentations for office purposes etc.  The top floor, which measures 50feet by 18feet, with a 5 foot wide balcony, configured as a library, and digital Study hall cum Meeting room cum training hall, will be a superb facility for Rainbow House.
…. the downstairs ceiling is now being plastered, and it won’t be too long now before excited children have a terrific new facility to further improve their lives…..
…. the internal walls and additional storeys are taking shape, the left hand picture below is the kitchen end of the dining hall, the centre picture shows the staircase to the upper floor (library, study room etc.) and the right hand picture shows the frontage of the new block ….. 
…. it’s early June now, and the internal plastering is almost completed and the pictures below show the structure complete, the woodwork has arrived, and now the doors and windows can be fitted and the internal decoration completed, then this wonderful new block wll be completed. Keep scrolling to the bottom of this page to see the latest updates …..