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Brighter Future family homes for orphaned children in partnership WITH The Dewan Foundation
Brighter Future’s ‘family’ homes are built by The Dewan Foundation on our Shanti Nivas (Place of Peace) campus. It’s a great site for children, with plenty of room for running and play. We have a playground and also a sports field to encourage as much team play as possible. It is wonderful to be cared for in one of our children’s homes when all you have been used to in your young life is loneliness, sickness and rejection. Imagine how much more amazing life would be if you could have your own family – a group of siblings and a foster mum who would take care of you?
This is exactly what we offer each child who lives in a family home. Each of our buildings provides a home for eleven orphaned children and a foster mum, providing a supportive, family-based environment in which they can grow. The homes have all the comforts we would expect in our own houses; a well-stocked fridge, sofas, nice beds, a TV and a computer. Currently there are eight of these ‘family’ homes completes and 88 of our children are now living in these much enhanced conditions, which are more akin to a normal family life. This new style of accomodation is the future for all of our children, two more are currently under construction and it is hoped that ten will be completed this year. The Shanti Nivas site is 6 acres in size and also includes the Hospice, as well as having a field sports area, community function area and open stage, and in addition to that the original children’s home on the site will be used for training older children and providing all the children with computer training in a new computer area. See our ‘NEWS’ pages for information on the Solar Power Project, the development of this important site requires a reliable power supply, something that is not available in this area of India, daily power cuts are normal.
UK Registered Charity 1110823